Are Business Conference Call Providers Worth the Money?

Business conference calls are now an indispensable part of work life. Earlier, while they were occasionally conducted, owing to the increased work from home style and jobs donning the remoteness to a higher degree, business conference calls are assuming increasing demand. Conference calls are crucial for business decisions and are the most preferred way to communicate with the team in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of business conference call providers

Immediate communication

Businesses often need to communicate with their teams on an immediate basis. Conference calls are the best-suited options for accomplishing the same. With the best conference call provider, there should not be any problem with connectivity. Your team would be able to connect to the call, be wherever they are. Thus, with a proven business conference call provider, you get assured immediate connectivity with your team members.


Conference call providers offer many plans from which you can choose according to your requirements. For instance, for your next China business conference in London, you can choose the call provider depending on the number of attendees and the number of days the event is planned. Some business call providers might also give attractive discounts if the number of participants is more.

Little technical needs

When you organize a conference call, it does not take much technical device requirements either for you or for the team members. All the members need to connect to the call is a phone – either a landline, mobile, or even a pay booth. They can connect on the go or when in the gym or walking the dog. Thus, the simplicity of connection is one of the favorable features of business conference calls.


Reputed business conference call providers offer secured connections to the business calls. This is one of the added advantages of choosing premium conference call providers. Your connection is safe, and the meetings are in between only your team. No others can break in or interrupt your calls.


Business calls cut down on the need for your team to travel to the workspace and join for meetings. There is also absolutely no need for printouts, extra water bottles, snacks, and business lunches, etc. that are otherwise needed for in-person meetings. Thus, with conference calls, you can cut down on the budget for extras while also help to save the earth by avoiding pollution and paper usage.

Disadvantages of business conference call providers

Inability to share

In the in-person meetings, it is easier to share the documents, give presentations, etc. This is not possible in conference calls. While some conference call providers may give you the option to share screens, remember that they might come at an extra cost. Thus, conference calls might burden you when opting for advanced features.

Inadept members

Not all team members might be experts in handling and connecting to conference calls. For some, connecting to a call using a password and links might look like a cumbersome activity. They might feel that talking in person is rather easier than connecting via calls. Thus, if your business call provider has too much hi-fi procedure to connect to calls, it might cause a feeling of discomfort for your team members.

Disruptions in connection

It is a normal scenario that people connect late than the mentioned time. Some may keep exiting and reconnecting stating network issues. There might be background noises due to poor connections. All such would assimilate and cause a feeling of discomfort for the rest of the team on the call. Things can get worst if you choose a low-cost business call provider who is not up to the mark technically. On the other hand, if you need no compromise on quality, then you shall have to shell more to your business call provider.


Thus, the answer for the question: are the business conference call providers worth the money is tricky. It depends on your choice and needs. Business conference calls are here to stay. And they will grow in the coming future. To make a wise choice in choosing your call provider, ample research should be done to make your money worthful. Choosing according to your team’s expertise, needs and the past proven experience of the call provider can help in making the best out of your money invested.

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