WeChat e-commerce – What is it and How it Benefitted to Your Business

WeChat is a social media app that originated as a simple online messaging application in 2011. Soon it developed into a large social media platform and featured other services like one-click payments. WeChat also became a powerful eCommerce platform due to the convenience provided by the developers. The site and mobile app have nearly 1 billion monthly users. This gives your business an extensive demographic and plenty of opportunities to work. Once a user sets up a WeChat public profile, they can set up a WeChat e-Commerce (adstochina.westwin.com/what_we_do/ecommerce_solution.shtml) shop and add further customizations to their face. These customizations allow you to unlock the complete potential of your business.

Before setting up your WeChat store, first, concentrate on your business model. Sure to its large user population, WeChat hosts all kinds of businesses and customers. Hence you should first decide your business’s nature, whether it will be a Business to Customer, Business to Business, or a multi-storefront brand for both B2C and B2B. Next, focus on other marketing features like subscriptions, content campaigns, pop-up stores, user-created content, vouchers, and gift cards.

Front Set-up for WeChat Store:

You can either choose to develop a WeChat H5 Web application, a service account, or add WeChat Mini Programs, a service and media account for the storefront. Usually, businesses prefer the Mini Programs as they offer a more cohesive and straightforward user experience with features like GPS, Camera, and e-wallets. These mini-programs can be combined with the existing WeChat profile or is embedded in an advertising campaign.

Channel Promotions:

PPC advertising, Moments advertisements can promote your business’s e-store and campaign by social media influencers. These promotions guarantee an increase in sales and profits for the long-term. You can also get the advertising company to add a feature for downloading vouchers and gift cards when they watch the advertisement.

You, Will, Have Better Control On Internal Communication:

There are a lot of differences between the WeChat work application and the WeChat application. Some of them are:

• The primary difference is that WeChat work allows a business to add a maximum of 2000 people to a group.

• If you double-tap a message of the WeChat work app, you are given the option to mark the message as read or unread, add a note to your to-do list, or mute anyone to no longer send messages in the group.

• Your internal contacts are divided into several groups divided on the level of access and permissions each member of the group has. There are entirely separated divisions for external references to avoid miscommunication.

• The owner of the account or the admins of a group are given several unique features. They can add or change any group, provide access and permissions to other users, monitor group members’ usage, etc.

Solution For Using Personal WeChat as a Workplace:

As WeChat work and WeChat are different applications, it eliminates any confusion amongst your contacts. This allows you to separate your work and personal life easily. It also provides privacy to both your personal and business life from people not related to it. You can also avoid any accidental mistakes in communication with your customers.

WeChat work provides many other related features like immediate removal of an ex-employee from group chats, separate messages, dedicated statuses that star whether the employee is currently on duty or not.

You Get Access To Integrated Apps for Business Operations:

WeChat and WeChat work apps are significant because WeChat work provides customized additional services, especially for businesses. The apps allow you to monitor business expenditure, employee presence or absence, business emails, company authorized calls, in/out employee punch, etc. These services can all be found in the Workspace tab. You can also add on-demand applications (third party applications) like Human Resources, reimbursements, company training, work culture, workflow management, and mobile office.


Thus, WeChat is an excellent eCommerce website for a brand looking to broaden its business in China. It is especially beneficial due to a large number of users. Also, WeChat work is an excellent application that allows small and large companies to handle their business and customers with ease and create a client network. It also allows both business-to-business and business-to-customer contact and sale. WeChat work is truly the best application currently due to its simple operation and a plethora of features tailored to businesses.

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