Why Use VoIP Solutions for Your Startup Business?

Business communication is critical irrespective of business size or industry. This holds true for startups too. It is no secret that starting any new business is hard. For startups reducing business costs during the initial period is necessary for survival. Here are a few reasons why you should use Business VoIP solution for your startup business.


Setting up a traditional communication system based on a phone line might take several days or months to complete. This is because you need to set up onsite PBX exchange hardware to set up multiple phone extensions to run different features like call transferring.

On the other hand, your hosted VoIP system can be up and running in 24 hours which allows the startup to set up and run a business without any delays.

Cost-effective Business Operation

For early-stage startups, budget and time are important. The primary reason for businesses shifting to hosted VoIP is cost savings. With traditional phone lines, you need to invest in internal infrastructures like PBX system, phone lines, and other communication equipment. This aspect of the traditional communication system locks up funds that are crucial for growth and expansion of startups at initial stages.

With hosted VoIP systems, startups do not have to invest heavily in building infrastructure within the office for the communication system. All they need is headsets that can be connected to a data connection for the hosted VoIP solution to work seamlessly.

Moving Offices

Every business moves its office at some point. In the case of startups, this is bound to happen sooner or later if the business is successful. Moving business is itself a big hassle, and you need to move your existing phone service to a new location. Transferring your existing phone lines to a new office location is not as easy as it seems and it requires setting up new phone lines and internal infrastructure again.

In Business VoIP solution, moving to a new office is unplugging the headsets from data connection lines and connecting these headsets to data connection lines in new office premises. There are no hassles of setting up lines or building infrastructure. Your VoIP system will be up and running once the Internet connections in the new office start functioning.

Explosive Growth

If your new business or app is successful, you would get a large number of orders, and you would need more employees quickly. Also, you would require more phone connections for the increased workforce. Adding new phone lines can be time-consuming and expensive, and it is one of the reasons that make VoIP a sensible choice for startups. VoIP phone lines can be added quickly which makes startups ready for explosive growth.

Another benefit of using VoIP solutions is removing VoIP phone lines is much easier in comparison to traditional phone lines because it is a cloud hosted service. To remove additional phone lines, you would need a technician to come to your office and manually remove lines and make changes to the PBX system. All these require a larger commitment of time and money which are valuable resources to startups.

National and International Expansion

If your business expands to multiple locations and distant countries, how are you going to meet the need for increased communication requirements? It would be difficult to integrate multiple phone systems from different service providers.

With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about such things. One of the reasons why many startups choose VoIP over traditional phone lines is no matter how far and wide their business spreads; all their communication requirement can be fulfilled by one service provider.

It doesn’t matter if your employees are located in Silicon Valley, California or in a small town in South-East Asia, all employees can connect and operate under one virtual roof.

These are some of the reasons to use VoIP solutions for your startup business. There is no doubt the Business VoIP system is boon for startups that allows easy communication with customers and also helps cut down costs. It should be no surprise VoIP systems are popular within the startup sector.

Do you know any other reasons for using VoIP solutions for businesses? Please feel free to comment.

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