The Ultimate Business VoIP Phone System Buyer’s Guide

VoIP allows group and conference calls that is an important advantage for businesses. Numerous companies offer business VoIP phone service and choosing a VoIP provider can be a difficult task for many. Here we have offered tips to select the ultimate business phone system for your company.

Pricing and Service Plans

Price is one of the important factors when choosing the best VoIP for small business. You should balance the features required and pricing while making the selection. For example, there is no point in selecting a VoIP service provider offering the lowest price if it does not offer features your business needs.

Similarly, there is no point in choosing a VoIP service provider offering the most advanced features if you cannot afford the price. Since the plans are priced on a per month basis, you need to ascertain what your budget permits.

The right approach is focusing on the features you need and then consider plans that provide the features at a lower cost. If the service plans are not suitable for your business, the service provider should be able to offer a customized service plan.

Call Management

Call Management is an important feature that you need to look when choosing a VoIP service provider. There is always a possibility of a large number of calls coming to a set of VoIP phone numbers during peak period.

The call management feature should include queuing up of the calls and ability to route the call to certain phone extensions based on availability. The routing of the calls should be an automatic process where the software determines the call volume is high and start routing the calls to keep the waiting time to a minimum.

3rd Party Apps Integration

Since business VoIP phone service is cloud-based, it should allow 3rd party apps integration. Some of the useful apps used by the business community are Dropbox, Google Drive or any enterprise or CRM software your organization uses.

Integration offers business several advantages, especially in voice calling. For example, you can get the number and details of the customer during conversation and save the information directly in CRM.

In absence of integration of VoIP with CRM, the agent would be required to write details on a notepad or other software and then enter details in CRM. This is a waste of time and reduces productivity.

If the VoIP app supports CRM integration, you can directly call the customer’s number from CRM and view the past conversations and customer’s profile and history during a VoIP call.

You need to look for VoIP service providers that offer customized 3rd party integration at lower costs.


Many users face technical issues after installing a business VoIP phone system. The VoIP service provider must offer customer support that is available 24×7, 365 days of the year.

It is necessary your queries are answered immediately and technical support is competent enough to sort out technical problems over the phone.  If the customer service is not responsive, you need to look for a different VoIP service provider.

Quality of Service

 The quality of a VoIP call is an important aspect when choosing a VoIP service provider. What is the point in choosing a VoIP service provider if the quality of voice calls is poor?

The quality of VoIP calls depends on the quality of the broadband connection. If you have chosen a standalone VoIP service provider, make sure you have a good quality broadband connection to support VoIP service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter how careful you are when selecting a VoIP service provider, there is no guarantee you find the right one. Many VoIP service providers require you to sign a yearly contract. If you want to cancel the contract before the term ends, you have to pay a penalty fee to end the contract.

You need to look for a VoIP service provider who offers a satisfaction guarantee to its clients. When you choose such service provider, you can end the contract without any penalty fee if you are not satisfied with the services.

Pay attention to the tips when selecting business VoIP phone service and you will be closer to selecting a service provider that offers the best VoIP service at the best price.

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