Top Three Reasons to Call Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are used in restaurants and commercial establishments where food is prepared. The purpose of installing grease traps is to capture fat and oil from wastewater before it can flow into the nearest sewer line. These traps need to be cleaned regularly to prevent drain clogs and foul odor, which can emanate from them.

Irregular cleaning can also cause grease traps to malfunction; making it necessary to replace or repair parts. Only commercial grease trap cleaning services can perform the task impeccably to help businesses avoid the above-mentioned problems.
Here are the top three reasons to call commercial grease trap cleaning services.

Exceptional Services

Commercial grease trap cleaning companies properly train their employees to offer superior services to their clients and customers. They have access to tools and equipments for cleaning the grease traps without causing any damage. Professional cleaners will first empty and clean the traps of all kinds of grease and scum. They will then thoroughly wash and clean the traps, which will help to keep them odor-free for a few months at least until the next scheduled cleaning. Professionals will also polish the traps to help increase their efficiency and life.

Professionals will not only vacuum the grease away. They will also dispose of the collected grease as per the local regulations.

It is also not an easy task to remove every inch of the grease from the traps. The work can be quite nasty; requiring immense training and skills to perform the task without any qualms and issues. Only trained professionals can work so efficiently.

Not cleaning the grease traps can be disastrous for restaurants. First, it is mandatory by law. There are regulations in place to install and clean grease traps in restaurants properly. Not abiding by such regulations can lead to fines depending on your location. Second, not cleaning the grease traps can result in fat and smelly water to backup through the drains and the pipes. The foul water can backup via kitchen sinks and cause problems in the food preparation area. The rancid smell can permeate through the entire restaurant and lead to loss of business. Backed-up greasy water can also make the sink and flooring slippery. Cleaning them will also require quite a hassle.

Hiring commercial grease trap cleaning companies can help you avoid such pitfalls and keep the good reputation of your business intact and your customers happy.

Scheduled Maintenance

Timely maintenance of grease traps is essential. It is easy to forget about the task during busy seasons. You may even forget the cleaning task for some time for no reason and such lapses are quite common. But the result can be clogged grease traps; increasing the risk of greasy water backing up through the drains.

But by hiring a commercial grease trap cleaning company, you can ensure that there no lapses in regular and mandatory cleanups. Professional companies maintain records of the grease traps cleaning schedule in their clients’ kitchens. They will call you for the scheduled maintenance every two or three months depending on the requirements. Grease traps need to be cleaned every few months. So, hiring commercial services is a way to ensure that the task is done in a timely manner.

Professionals will also check the grease traps for any corrosion, breaks, or leaks. They will take care of the issue without delay to help prevent permanent damage to the traps.

Economical Services

Regular cleaning and maintenance of grease traps can turn out to be quite economical in the long run. Not only you will save money on expensive repairs; you can even avoid fines. Replacing or repairing grease traps can be quite costly. It is best to schedule regular cleaning services to keep the cost of maintaining them low.

If the drains are clogged due to grease and fat; you will need to spend money on calling a plumber and unclog them again. The whole endeavor may cost you quite a deal.

Hiring a company for scheduled maintenance can also turn out to be affordable as one-time services can be often costlier than regular cleaning packages.

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