Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Advertise on Baidu

One of the largest internet platforms in the world and the top search engine in China, Baidu is controlling a large part of the Chinese international digital market share. Baidu is a stiff competitor to Google. The maps, image searching, SEO importance, and the keyword choices are all similar to Google. But the market of Baidu is mainly focused on China.

If you are running a business in China or have any business link with China, then Baidu advertising ( is the best platform for you.

In this article, we will discuss the needs of advertising your business on Baidu and how it can help you to promote your business in China.

The need for Baidu Advertising for your business

Baidu is the primary search engine in China which is used by a majority of the Chinese population. To attract Chinese customers to your website and promote your brand in China, Baidu advertising is a must. Let’s have a look at the needs of Baidu advertising for your Business.

Google is Banned in China

If you are looking forward to expanding your market in China and are planning to use Google for this purpose, know that you are not on right track.

Google is a ban in China. Since 2018 there is a crash down on VPN by the Chinese Government due to which users have switched to Baidu for their internet needs. Many a time GDN and Google Analytics work in China but this needs to route information through the Great Firewall and causes loading issues. So, if you want to reach the Chinese public, your business needs Baidu advertising.

Offers your business the widest reach

As the Baidu Search Engine controls the largest part of the Chinese market share, you can get a huge number of potential customers looking for the services and products that you offer.

Now the question arises. When you don’t know the Chinese language, how can you advertise your brand on Baidu as most of the Chinese population prefers using the local language on search Engines?

For this, Baidu is providing language support where you can use the translator to convert your Advertisement to the local language. This is great support for non-Chinese speakers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Advertising your business on Baidu is very cheap and if you are entering the Chinese market through it, you will find the lowest rates of advertisements as compared to other countries. It allows you to advertise your business at the lowest cost and the cost of bidding on keywords is also the lowest.

Baidu is a Growing platform

Fear of Stagnancy? It not at all a threat in the case of Baidu. This platform is growing at a very fast speed and their mobile user base has also shown a great performance. The company is always up to adding new tools and products to its arsenal.

Not everyone can Register their business on Baidu for advertisement

If anyone wants to advertise their business on Baidu, they need to show lots of proofs and papers of their business and have to get approval from the Chinese Communist Party.

This is the reason there is no useless crown on Baidu and fewer competitors. Many businesses don’t reach Baidu due to the hectic procedure but if you succeed in getting yourself registered there, your business success in China is promising.

Ocean of Helpful resources

Baidu search engine offers your many helpful resources to smoothen your advertising journey. Baidu Zhishu can help you to know the data and search trends for your keywords. The keyword planner can help you to find out the most appropriate keywords. Baidu offers many amazing analytic tools to its users and helps you to master the technique of Digital Marketing.

Promising return on investment

As a large number of the Chinese population is using Baidu as a search engine, you can start paying online campaigns for advertising your business. You will surely get a high return from it. You can directly reach the potential audience and reap benefits.


Now, you have a clear understanding of the need for Baidu for your business. It is time to start the process to reach on Baidu and give a new start to your business. Grow your business in China with Baidu advertising.

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