Things You Need to Know About Baidu PPC Advertising

Baidu PPC is a proven Chinese search marketing platform for both SMEs and large companies. This post will help you to understand about how Baidu PPC works, the definition of Baidu PPC, discussing important factors like Baidu cost-per-click, Quality Score and Trust Score and much more. If you already know AdWords, Baidu pay-per-click advertising will not be a problem. Let us begin with the definition.

Baidu PPC is the pay-per-click advertising system where advertisers have to bid on a list of keywords for displaying their clickable ads in Baidu’s search results. Advertisers have to pay for the clicks and that is Baidu earns money from search.

Is Baidu PPC Effective?

Brands are eager to know whether Baidu PPC will be effective for their businesses. Mostly it is seen that it has been proven to deliver positive results for several industries as long as you are creating good ads and choosing the right keywords.

Cost for Baidu PPC Account

You have shell out 5000 RMB for opening an account and this is the initial account deposit. The deposited money can be seen in your account balance and use later for campaigns. The cost of your ads will depend upon several factors like the bidding prices, how good your landing page is, how well you have written your ads and how competitive your industry is.

Time Required for Baidu PPC Approval

After submitting the paperwork, making your Chinese website ready and connected with resellers, it will take two to four weeks for reviewing your account. The review process takes time as a lot of documentation and verification needs to be done and there are so many players in the market. Experts recommend that you should keep in touch with your agent frequently for ensuring everything is moving in a planned way. It is worth mentioning that there may be some back and forth with the reseller. They may ask about your documents or for any items that may have been missing during the initial submission process.

How Your Ads are displayed by Baidu

Your ads will be displayed above the organic search results.

Working of Baidu PPC Bidding

The position of your ads depends on several factors like Quality Score, Baidu Trust Score of your business entity, user behavioral data of the searchers and the bidding prices.

Baidu Trust Score

It is a point system for calculating how faithful a business is in the eyes of Baidu. The advertiser has to begin with 100 points and if you have violated any rules, some points will be deducted from the total score as if you are using Baidu PPC  for promoting something illegal in China.

Quality Score

The calculation is done based on the quality of your landing page and ads that are determined through content relevancy, user experience and predicted click-through rates.

The Bidding Prices

It describes how much you will be spending on each click people will be doing for your ads. You need to bid with high-quality scores for getting higher ad ranks and lower cost-per-click.

CPC in Baidu PPC

Cost per click or CPC is the amount an advertiser has to pay every time when someone clicks on their PPC ad. The actual CPC is the amount an advertiser has to pay every two when a user clicks their advertisement on Baidu and is always lower than the maximum bidding price.

Structure of a Baidu PPC Account

It follows a campaign-ad group-keywords structure.


It is a set of ad groups (keywords and ads) that share user interest targeting, location targeting, negative keyword list, monthly, weekly or a daily budget and other settings. They are used for organizing categories of services or products that you offer.

Ad Group

It contains one or more ads that target a shared set of keywords with bidding prices.


A short phrase or a word that describes your service or product that you put under an ad group and uses for matching searcher’s queries.

Tracking the Performance of Baidu PPC Ads

The most efficient tool for tracking your campaign performance is Baidu Analytics. You can also opt for third-party web analytics tools but extra configurations are required like URL tagging.

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