Questions to Ask When Hiring a Church Architect

Finding a church architect is a huge step on the path to success for your project. Before you are hiring an architect or sending out requests for proposals, you should be asking a few questions to your potential architect for avoiding any unnecessary hiccups.

General Questions

• For how long the architect is the business?

• What percentage of the company’s business goes into designing facilities of the church?

• What is the total number of employees in the architect’s firm?

• Check whether the architect is having an updated license for that specific state where you are planning to build

• Does the architect commonly involved in church projects of the budget, size, and style that you anticipate building?

• The architects for churches must be familiar with the nuances of your worship style and denomination and what this depicts in designing your building.

• Ask the architect if s/he has a particular design style and how perfect their design style matches your expected style.

• Does the architect is hiring consultants for your project and if yes, how the consultants are paid?

• Check the architect is carrying insurance or not and what are the policy limits for every insurance carried.

• When the church is deciding to hire a firm will the architect provide insurance proof?

• Go through the architect’s current projects for better understanding.

• Look for the current projects that have similar patterns or designs that you are planning for your church

• Check the past projects of the architect that is similar to your proposed project in terms of plans, photos, budgets, and sketches.

• When the church is deciding to hire a particular firm will they get the telephone numbers, addresses and names of the clients who had also undertaken similar projects?

• What type of services the architect has provided to the previous clients during the construction, bidding and design phases?

• Calculate the architect’s estimated cost versus the actual construction cost for each of the projects and how the variance is accounted?

• Who will be the one point of contact from the firm the church will be directly dealing?

• Will it be the same person who designs the project? If not, who is the designer and what type of direct interaction will the church have with this person?

• Understand the proposed mediation process for solving disputes and verify whether the architect will agree to binding arbitration.

Subjective issues for considering and evaluating when hiring an architect

• These are not typical questions that you will be directly asking but may evaluate from the responses to other actions and questions.

• How passionate is the architect when discussing your project?

• How much effort and time the right architects for churches will be putting to win your business and earn your confidence?

• What is your feeling that your top architects are best apart from others?

• What is the response of the shortlisted architect when you ask why you are the best than other architects?

• What are your thoughts on why this particular architect can be the best fit for building your church when asked to answer the question of why should you recruit them?

• How is the architect’s performance in bringing projects to completion within the given budget on other projects?

• Do the architect able to understand your constraints, priorities, and goals?

• How good your personality matches when interacting with the architect?

• Check whether the architect has “nothing or all” attitude towards the proposed services or happily willing to offer “a la carte” services to help you meet your budget.

• Are the pricing and agreements for services easy to understand and straightforward?

• How well the architect has responded to your questions in an accurate and timely fashion?

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