An Overview of Commercial Locksmith Services

Businesses simply cannot ignore to properly secure their establishments. Be it a small store or a big commercial establishment; locksmiths perform services to help secure the premises as needed. Locksmiths are also in great demand everywhere due to the nature of their services. Be it commercial locksmith in North Hollywood or any other smaller town; you need their services in some form or the other.

Here’s an overview of commercial locksmith services.

Installing High-Security Locks

Commercial locksmiths can secure any office space by installing new lock systems. The world of locks has become very advanced. New high-security locks are now available to install in commercial spaces as per the unique needs of businesses. Commercial locksmiths can guide you about the right lock systems for your business premises to secure it in the best way possible.

Installing Master Keys

Commercial locksmiths can create master keys so that you don’t need to use multiple keys to open every lock. You won’t need to carry around a bunch of keys if you install a master key security system in your office or place of business.

Securing Doors and Windows

Commercial locksmiths can also make the doors and windows in your business premises more secure by installing deadbolts or taking measures to strengthen them with the right locks or other tools.

Installing Deadbolts

It is not easy to open a deadbolt as it doesn’t have a spring mechanism. When it comes to spring locks, you can force those open using knives, pins, or other tools. It is not easy to forcibly open a door locked with a deadbolt.

A commercial locksmith can help you identify the right deadbolt for your requirements – ones with single or double cylinders or a keyless one.

Establishing Keyless Door Systems

Keyless entry doors or systems allow access with biometrics or cards. These are widely used in big corporations or businesses these days. Use of biometrics strengthens the security of businesses greatly. You can even use keyless systems with remote access for lock management. Many brands now also design and manufacture keyless systems by integrating them with other security features such as smoke detectors and sensors.

Installing Panic Bars

Panic bars are important for business premises as these are useful to use in emergency situations. Initially, panic bars were only installed on fire exits. People could just push the bar and open a door. But nowadays, panic bars are also used indoors other than fire exits due to their simplicity of use. Panic bars are also quite sturdy and help secure doors properly.

Duplicating Keys

You never know when you might be in need of a spare set of keys! Commercial locksmiths can also help you out during lockouts by duplicating the keys for your requirements.

Repairing Locks

Many quality locks are expensive and you can save money on replacing them with timely repairs. Many times, keys can get stuck in locks as wear and tear from daily use can cause damage to springs or other components inside it.

Commercial locksmiths also perform rekeying services where they change the tumbler inside the locks. Once this is done, the old keys won’t work in the locks. So, it is essentially as good as installing a new lock if you wished to change it for security reasons.

Installing Door Enclosure Systems

Enclosure systems help secure rooms where you need to store expensive or high-value items. Door enclosures are also useful for safekeeping of sensitive business documents or files. Commercial locksmiths can install security door enclosures and even cabinets for your offices.

Installing Cameras

Commercial locksmiths not only offer services for installing locks but to completely secure business premises. To that end, they also install camera systems to make offices and commercial spaces safer from security threats. Commercial locksmiths can evaluate the security needs of your office and install CCTV systems as per your requirements.

Providing Emergency Services

One of the major services that commercial locksmiths provide is emergency services on a 24/7 basis. Many commercial locksmiths use mobile units to quickly provide services to offices in terms of emergency situations. They can help with duplicate keys or quickly perform a security evaluation of the business premises.

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