All You Need to Know About Weibo Advertising

What is Weibo Advertising?

Sian Weibo, otherwise known as the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, is a microblogging website that has changed the world of advertising in China in the past decade. It is currently one of the largest social media platforms in China and transformed from a mediocre blogging site to a massive social media platform overnight. It is currently considered to be a vital part in the everyday life of the Chinese audience. Launched by Sina Corporation in the year of 2009, Weibo currently has 462 million active users with a net revenue of $481.9 million- needless to say, Weibo advertising ( could do miracles to your brand.

Overshadowed by other platforms?

Weibo used to be a household name a few years ago; it was once heralded as the only active social media platform adored by all in China. Other names such as WeChat and Toutiao rose up soon after, and Weibo is not as common as it once used to be: some say other social media platforms have overshadowed it. Be that as it may, Weibo advertising is still very active and responsible for significant growth in the Chinese market. Weibo is currently the second most popular social media platform in China and is a must-have platform if you’re looking to tap into the Chinese market using social media advertising methods.

Weibo Advertising: Before It, All Began

This social media platform acts as a source for news consumption and offers a gateway for consumers to speak freely about pressing social matters. This blog is further useful for spotting the latest trends; consumers may sign up and post multimedia content up to 2,000 words!

Safe to say that Weibo has since grown and absorbed many compelling features from other social media platforms to become more comprehensive in nature, while sticking with its own niche. The growth of multimedia content consumption on Weibo has been substantial, with its live-streaming capabilities, short videos, e-commerce integration, and Weibo stories being the main highlights.

Advertising with Weibo

Building brand exposes and gaining popularity among Chinese users is not easy, especially if you’re a foreign company. Appealing to a whole other target audience requires a significant amount of research and revamping of content to ensure it appeals to them. Weibo advertising is a good way to kick-start this process, as it offers multiple avenues for businesses to grow. The platform offers various packages you can add to your advertising campaign, such as display ads, KOL marketing ads, and search engine promotions.

But before even thinking of getting there, it is crucial that you come up with a solid content advertising strategy to go about this. Being an open social media platform, Weibo requires the right amount of user engagement to really extract its features. Creating the perfect advertising content can be a daunting task, considering the wide range of users in China. Ensure the advertising strategy is personal and resonates well with the target audience.

Weibo Advertising: Social Search Engine Optimization

Weibo is currently one of the only Chinese social media platforms that offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO); it offers a discover page that can be used as an internal search engine. Users can now do advanced searches using specific keywords to filter through relevant pages, posts, and accounts.

Brands can now bid or purchase certain keywords, which are then used as recommendations for users in their search bars. Needless to say, this is a very effective way to promote your brand visibility for new consumers. Weibo advertising provides you with just the right marketing tools that can promote your brand in China.

Positioning Your Brand with Weibo Advertising

There are five steps to follow if you wish to advertise your brand in China using Weibo advertising:

1. Make an official account designed to promote your brand on the platform

2. Come up with the perfect content strategy to engage your new target audience: ensure that it includes rich media content, such as videos, pictures, gifs, etc. (whatever is appealing to the consumer, really)

3. Purchase a targeted onsite advertising campaign to really boost your brand visibility

4. Work on intriguing blogs and articles, touching upon various topics to generate engagement

5. Respond to comments, post regularly with fresh, updated content, and commit to growing your brand. Be active and visible on the platform and success will be yours

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