Need to Fill a Creative Position at Your Company? It is Easier Said than Done

According to the American business executive, Bob Lger, “Creativity is the heart and soul of modern businesses.” Your business needs the power of innovative ideas, and enterprising minds to devise the perfect strategies that make it possible to beat the competition and achieve success. You need to find the perfect creative minds to power your business with the unique ideas and initiatives for business growth and expansion.

Finding the perfect match for the creative positions in your company is a challenge, as these resources are scarce and too many companies chase them. Your in-house recruitment teams, which recruit only when a position falls vacant, may not be able to tap into such rare talents, as they do not recruit full-time. Hiring a wrong candidate could prove expensive and you want to make sure you hire a candidate that is a perfect fit.

Businesses struggle to find the right talent that can support their vision and implement their strategies and policies to reach their business goal and here are the factors that make recruiting a challenge for businesses:

• Talent is scarce: Finding the best creative talent is a challenge. There is a huge gap between the number of resources available and the demand for these resources. Too many companies chasing a few qualified talents makes the recruitment complex, expensive and time consuming.

• Recruitment is expensive: As finding top talent becomes challenging requiring a mix of skills that suit the job roles and understanding of the organizational culture etc., companies spend a ton of money on recruitment. On average, a company spends about US $57,000 per year just to find the right candidate. These costs only include the posting of advertisements, screening of applications, interviews, etc. In addition, companies spend on training the candidate that makes the cost of recruitment go higher.

• Compliance issues: Recruitment requires knowledge of the laws of the land with reference to hiring. The labor laws, minimum wage, employee benefits, and leave policies should all confer to the laws as prescribed by the regulatory authorities and the governments. You need to do the appropriate background checks, drug tests, medical health test etc., before you can actually onboard an employee. Your human resource department need extensive knowledge on all such issues to recruit the best talent.

Recruitment in general has become a complex and complicated function for businesses of all sizes, as they have to find the best possible talent, comply with the laws, and keep their employees happy and satisfied. Businesses therefore turn to full time recruiters, such as creative staffing agencies Los Angeles to help them find the best talent with the right qualification and rich experience to help business brand grow and prosper.

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