How to Improve Business Communications by Using VoIP Phone Service?

If you look at the current business communication landscape, several new technologies like online fax service, and VoIP phone service have made business communication more efficient while reducing the operating costs. Here we have tried to explain how to improve business communication by using VoIP phone service.

Novel Business Features

Business phone systems come with a diverse range of innovative corporate communication features that can give any business a huge competitive edge in the market.  Call forwarding is an important feature that ensures important customer calls are directed towards available lines and they don’t have to wait in long queues.

The VoIP phone system also offers call recording features that can record staff-client conversations. The recorded calls can be used for training purposes and identify any issues with communication quality and rectify it.

Features like interactive voice response throw away with the need for a full-time receptionist. It also allows businesses to receive customer calls after office hours and the customer can be directed to the right department without human intervention. Office telephones are the lifeline of business organizations and such novel features can take business communication to the next level.

Presence Management

The availability of a person is an important factor in business communication for better workflow. It can be a cause of annoyance as it can be hard to track the availability of every person working in the company. VoIP phone service comes with a presence management feature that keeps the updated status of every VoIP user. With presence management, you can know the person (VoIP user) you are calling is on vacation, on the road, out sick, or lunch break.

The VoIP phone system offers customizable presence settings which enables you to tailor unique voicemails and modify your call forwarding functionality status. In case you miss an important call, you can set it to forward someone who can answer it for you. The presence management brings clarity in business communications and improves workflow throughout the company.


Conferencing is a must-have feature in modern businesses. Conference calls offer a great way to put everyone together and discuss matters in hand in a collaborative way. However, the use of VoIP conferencing is not limited to single-use only.  You can use VoIP conference calls for online training sessions, set up team meetings, and sell presentations that can be delivered to sales leads.

Conferencing with VoIP comes with added advantage and you can add up to 100 users in a single conference.  Business communications heavily rely on effective collaboration and VoIP phone systems improve the collaboration between users that save time and improve workflow.

Superior Customer Service

In the business world of cut-throat competition, businesses need to focus on providing high-level customer satisfaction. When your customer service responds to issues, complaints, and queries efficiently, the clients feel valued and they are more likely to stick to your organization in the long run.

Virtual phone numbers help companies to build a strong and lasting rapport with customers as they remove any roadblock in seamless two-way communication. 24/7 open support lines, apex voice quality, and free or economical calling rates keeps customers hooked to your business. These are some of the reasons why VoIP phone service is best for any business organization.

Low Maintenance and Quick Installation

Business phone installations are a tedious and time-consuming process. The lengthy installation time of traditional phone systems can be a big problem when shifting the office to a new location. This is not the case with VoIP phone systems. Setting up a virtual phone system takes only a couple of minutes. The VoIP phone systems are low maintenance which means the phones will be up and running most of the time.

 Scalability is an important factor for businesses that have peak periods. Traditional phone systems are not easily scalable. On the other hand, businesses can new VoIP phone lines within a couple of minutes to meet the increase in business calls.  Most service providers offer extra modules as per business requirement and the VoIP phone systems can also be easily upgraded. All this keeps the business communication efficient and effective.

These are some of the ways in which VoIP phone service improves your business communication.

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