The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Business

More than two decades before when the internet arrived to be a part of everyone’s culture, the top business firms want to establish their presence in the online industry where they had the authority in controlling their messages. Interacting with others was limited, and the conversation took place by sending a link through email or just a contact form on your site. Reviews, feedback, comments were very rare on those days, and if any information is becoming viral means, the mail had to be forwarded several times. Therefore, the business was carried by meeting face to face with the stakeholders.

Now after two decades, a lot has changed in terms of communication or marketing in business. Social Media Marketing in China has transformed into an interconnected and flat structure that is totally the opposite found in television and traditional print media where there is a complex structure in collecting and processing the information before the information is available to the people. In the era of social media, any individual can become a reporter, and that affects the overall value of a brand. Without editing the information or any sort of regulations, people have the freedom to share their views and those impacts a small-scale to large-scale business in both good and bad ways.

Research was done for Social Media Marketing in China that the information of a brand spread by interacting with friends on social media sites has a huge impact than traditional marketing strategy in terms of advance purchase, awareness of brand identity as well as brand exposure. The greater the exposure of the brand the greater is the effect of the branding on their customers. Going by the latest trend, due to the impact of social media, the relation between the consumers and the brands has reached a new level.

• Social Media Marketing in China has led to a greater understanding of their consumers by giving them the freedom to share their feedback on the platform and made the customers believe that the brand is giving importance to their demands. In this way, a business can increase their share and earn a reputation among the consumers.

• Business is operating on a tight budget; social media is the ultimate platform for promoting and marketing their business. Top social media sites allow all brands for sharing their resources without charging anything, and it is a boon for business for getting an affordable marketing platform like social media.

• Social media helps the businesses to get to know the customer’s preferences, lifestyle and then tweak their strategies to meet the changing demand of their customers. Marketers do not have to do a survey on a frequent basis. Whenever they are logged on social media, on a daily basis, they are getting lots of information from all over the globe, which helps, in saving their time and connectivity.

• Good products and better services provided to the customers give the brands an increase in exposure of their company through these platforms that help in boosting traffic. This converts potential consumers to actual consumers.

For example, a marketing agency monitoring daily activities for a company found that a customer posted about the poor customer service he received from the company and would like to visit the store to share his dissatisfaction. The post becomes viral and other users agreed to join the customer and protest. They started to exchange their cell numbers and meeting place was decided. Total forty customers plan to meet.As the customer had shared his views through social media, the company has taken swift action and helped the customer in solving the problem. The angry customer expressed his happiness on social media as the problem is solved by the company.

A photography academy does various workshops as well as offers courses and wants to promote their presence in social media. They have some financial constraints. Therefore, they create an account on top social media sites and created various courses with good content. After a certain period, there are many visitors on their page and got a good response, and they are able to promote their company with the little amount of money.

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