How Lifecycle Marketing can Help Your Small Business Grow?

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Do you want your business to grow? Then it’s time to look into a customer’s lifecycle—and a lifecycle marketing agency that can create a campaign to match. This is called “lifecycle marketing,” and it is the new and better way to connect with new customers, and to turn loyal ones into brand champions.

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

First things first: what is lifecycle marketing anyways? At its most essential, lifecycle marketing is the process of messaging to your audience based on their stage in the sales funnel. That means your entire marketing process isn’t simply “get people through the door” or “send them to my website.” It’s about recognizing that people come from different places and are at different stages of getting to know your business and brand. This is where a lifecycle marketing agency thrives: in taking small businesses and helping them grow by engaging meaningfully with a customer’s lifecycle.

At its most broad, a customer lifecycle can be split into three sections: prospect, customer, and champion. Each of these stages are entirely different and require different messaging and approaches. In fact, doing the same thing for each can actually be quite detrimental, which is something every lifecycle marketing agency understands.

The truth is that customers need more and more touchpoints with a brand before they take any sort of action, all while attention spans are getting shorter. That means, you need to make an impact, one that doesn’t feel repetitive. That impact needs to be short, attention-grabbing, and it needs to pop up repeatedly. It’s a tough line to walk, and one that many companies fail in doing, whether they are trying out lifecycle marketing or not. But if your small business wants to grow, lifecycle marketing is proven to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales, and the right lifecycle marketing agency can help you craft a campaign that works for you.

A Good Example of Lifecycle Marketing

One of my favorite examples of lifecycle marketing is a fairly humble product, but one that is a bit different and had a different approach to marketing itself last year: an above sink dish rack. While no lifecycle marketing agency has claimed responsibility for the campaign, one was most certainly involved because the campaign worked so brilliantly. First, you may recall a meme last year that showed an above-sink dish rack with a caption that read, “You know you’re getting old when things like this excite you.” The rack is beautifully displayed with colorful dishes and a clean kitchen. And the image is actually from an Amazon product image. It’s the perfect point of contact for what we would call “prospects.” These are the customers who don’t know the brand or product, or at least have little recognition.

The second part of this lifecycle marketing approach is where you could definitely tell a professional lifecycle marketing agency was involved: ads started to appear advertising these dish racks on social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Instagram, where the demographics of people who likely purchase these types of products still roam. It used similar visual assets as the meme and led people to the exact product on Amazon. From there, people were a simple click away, turning from prospects to customers quite quickly, and all based on a meme. From there, the process of turning customers into champions was quite easy. People who bought the dish rack were encouraged to snap a picture and share. With the motive of replicating the meme, people did just that. That is called turning your customer into a champion, and the word of mouth helped get more people buying the dish rack. The result: a humble above-sink dish rack became one of the most popular houseware products on Amazon. Not bad!


If you are a small business and are looking to expand and grow, then it is important to understand that your potential customers work differently today. They go through a lifecycle with independent stages. That means you will need to market to them differently at every step with tailored messaging. After all, we all know “one size fits all” doesn’t work with clothing, so why should it work with marketing? If you want to do it right, then be sure to contact a lifecycle marketing agency that can help. With professionals, you can make a campaign that takes people from prospect to champion quickly, all while improving your brand awareness, customer experience, and your sales.

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