Four Marketing Interview Questions You Should Ask in Every Interview

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Since the field is so unique for each case, every company has its way of executing around their marketing goals. Also, the requirement for the right candidates keeps on changing according to the company’s shifting needs. However, the ultimate goal remains the same; that is the exposure and growth of your business.

The must-ask marketing interview questions below are important for finding the right candidate for your company. Hiring a great marketer is difficult compared to hiring most other professionals. A single misfire when it comes to hiring can cost the company and team may suffer. To avoid that here are some recommendations for identifying the best talent for your next project.

Tell us about your personal brand

This open-ended question naturally puts the candidate on the offense. You will get to know how your candidate can articulate his or her experience and identity. Everything else you gain from this question could be a bonus. You get to know what someone wants out of their career, to how they explain their transition between past roles.

This type of marketing interview questions will provide you with some deep insight into the candidate. You can get an idea of whether the candidate’s personal brand will help in building your company’s corporate brand stronger or not. Remember that a personal story can reflect a candidate’s capability of creating content, by presenting a brand that connects with customers.

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

Once you get to know the candidate initially, you can ask marketing interview questions related to your field. In general, both large and small companies experience internal conflicts between the sales group and the marketing group. Marketing groups tend to see sales groups as a delivery mechanism at the end of the marketing process whereas it becomes difficult for the sales group to appreciate the way that marketing has laid the groundwork. This question will help you to know whether the candidate can understand the contribution of both groups to the overall success of your company. This question can showcase the team building capacity of the candidate and how it can increase the company’s productivity.

How would you contribute if you were temporarily assigned to our marketing groups?

Even if you are not planning such an assignment, you should still ask this question because it will help you to know the candidate’s knowledge about your company. You can get an idea about a candidate’s market research capability and how he is aware of the current trend of the market.

Further, you can ask the candidate to make some necessary changes in your company’s current marketing strategy and to cite the reason behind those changes. You will get to know how flexible the candidate is to improvise around new obstacles in practice, and how they face the challenges to overcome it. You need to look for a candidate’s understanding of processes from the start to finish and involvement of other departments.

What about your greatest accomplishment outside of work?

You are investing in a person, not just an employee, and you want to ensure that you can put trust in that person. This question will help you identify if the candidate resonates with your brand culture. It will show what motivates a candidate and what’s important to them. You need to look for the traits that can translate to bringing value to the marketing team and company. You can determine if the person is an emotional decision maker or a calculated one.

Remember marketing is about building relationships and trust through promotion. What a candidate does outside their work, can say a lot about how they will relate to the clients and co-workers. This question will help you to know that if your candidate is well prepared to integrate with your company values.

Building a strong marketing team takes time. So when you are asking these marketing interview questions focus on hiring candidates who have impressive skills and are a great cultural fit to maximize your productivity.

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