Five Key Advantages of Baidu Advertising

Baidu is an Internet company in China. It offers many services and products. But it is most famous for its search engine.

Baidu search engine is the most popular in China. It generates advertising revenue like other search engines in the world. But its market is solely focused in China. So, if you are a business operating in China then it can be to your advantage to utilize Baidu advertising.

Here are the five key benefits of Baidu advertising.

1. Extremely Wide Reach

Baidu covers a large market share in China when it comes to search engines. No competitor comes close to it. So, when you advertise on Baidu, you can reach a great number of people looking for products and services in your business category easily.

But isn’t language a barrier for international businesses when advertising on Baidu?

Advertising on Baidu in English is not possible. You need to use the local languages for the purpose. Yes, it is also possible to use landing pages in English with keywords in Mandarin. But the click-through rate of such pages may be limited. Internet users in China prefer to search online in their local languages. They also prefer advertisements in their local languages. But there is help for businesses regarding this concern.

Baidu offers support in English for international businesses operating in the country. You can use their translation services to create your ad copy in the local languages. You can even seek their telephonic support, which is provided in English to non-Chinese speakers.

So, you need not worry about the language factor impeding your intention to advertise on Baidu. You can very well use this search platform to promote your business in China.

2. Robust Return on Investment

You can expect an extremely good return on investment (ROI) with Baidu advertising. In China, online advertising is an extremely popular way to increase the visibility of your business. When it is done right, you can expect great success with Baidu advertising.

Anyone who uses the Internet in China is most likely to use Baidu for their online search needs. You can plan your paid campaigns on Baidu to target your direct consumers and reap rich rewards in terms of more brand visibility and prospects of improved sales.

3. Availability of Helpful Resources

When it comes to Baidu advertising, there is no shortage of useful resources available for advertising account holders. These tools can help businesses to reach their customers in the best way possible.

Tools such as Baidu Zhishu can help you analyze the data and search trends related to your keywords. It also offers a keyword planner, which can be helpful in choosing the right keyword for your business. There are other tools as well for businesses to advertise on Baidu by analyzing the relevant data in many ways. Analytic tools are a must when it comes to online marketing. To that end, Baidu offers good analytic tools for advertisers to use for their benefit.

You can use special packages available for advertisers on Baidu to incorporate videos, images, animation, and even useful links (products, events) in the copy of the ads itself. These resources can help to make your advertisement stand out even more on the search pages.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

It is possible to advertise on Baidu in a cost-effective manner. In fact, if you are a foreign company entering the Chinese market, you will find the cost of search engine marketing on Baidu comparatively lower than the ones available in other countries.

The cost of bidding on keywords is quite lower on Baidu compared to other international search engines. It allows businesses to invest more in terms of advertising without spending a lot of money.

5. A Growing Platform

When it comes to Baidu, you do not need to fear stagnancy. Baidu is growing very rapidly. Its mobile user base has also increased exponentially in the last few years. The company is also constantly adding new products and tools in its arsenal.

The Internet user base in China is also growing rapidly, which is likely to translate into more people using Baidu on a daily basis.

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