How to Find the Cheapest Exchange Archiving Provider?

Email archiving is extremely important for businesses. It helps organizations safely store their emails for future references. Businesses may need past emails for regulatory purposes, litigation support, or for simplifying the work of the IT department.

Email archiving helps organizations reduce costs of maintaining servers. Managing servers for emails is a significant business cost. Even then the normal archiving process can be time consuming in terms of searching for specific emails.

Email archiving services simplify these processes and help organizations lower their operational costs. But finding affordable email archiving services may not always be easy. It can simply put off small and medium enterprises from opting for this useful service. To find the cheapest exchange archiving solution, you need to look for the features offered and their comparative costs.

Here are some tips to find the cheapest exchange archiving provider for your business.

Look for Short-Term Commitment

If you pay for the long-term for a new email archiving service then you may end up wasting your money if it turns out to be a less-than-ideal for your needs.

Look for services that offer limited free trial offers or an option for pay-as-you-go. It can help you get familiar with the features on offer and assess the costs vis-à-vis their benefits. Once you are satisfied with the free or short-term service, you can opt for the provider for the long-term. It will not only give you peace of mind but also help you save money on using an arching service.

Look for Unlimited Storage

Some service providers offer unlimited storage for no additional costs or for a little extra payment. It can be an important feature for your business and even help you save costs when opting for an archiving service.

If you predict your business will require more email archiving in the near future then it makes sense to choose an email archiving provider that offers unlimited storage at low costs.

Look for Special Discounts

In your quest to find the cheapest exchange archiving service, look for providers that offer extremely low costs when you opt for services like 10-year archiving and such. For a reduced cost, you can get a complete archiving system for your emails. You will be able to access all the emails even if they have been deleted at your end.

Look for Added Costs (and avoid them)

If an email archiving service requires you to invest in additional hardware then it can add to your overall business cost. So, if you see any additional requirements that can increase the cost of the email archiving service then it is best to keep looking.

Always choose a simple yet effective service provider for your email archiving needs. Businesses choose to archive emails to an external company to lower costs and operational hassles. If you need to invest in additional hardware or systems for the purpose then you eventually end up paying more than perhaps what you intended for the service itself.

Look for Enhanced Features

With an email archiving service, you not only want your messages archived but also safe. Does your current or potential email archiving service offers complete safety of your messages? If not then it cannot be the right provider for you.

Find out beforehand how your emails will be stored by the exchange archiving provider. Many providers store message at multiple secure sites, which can prove beneficial for businesses.

Does the provider verify the authenticity of messages before archiving them? Are the messages encrypted before transporting them for storage? How are the message transported? Is the method safe? How are the messages protected? Are they stored in a read-only state for additional security of your data?

These are the questions to ask an email archiving service provider you may be considering for your business. These features can help you compare costs when looking for the cheapest exchange archiving provider. If a service provider offers you enhanced services at no or low costs then it is a win-win option for you.

With just a little bit of research, you can find the cheapest exchange archiving service provider as per your business requirements.

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