Essential Points to Consider While Hiring a Product Design Firm

Product design is a large market and an important one too. Large manufacturers hire product design firms for several projects. Any product that you see in the market is designed by a product design firm. Product design firms were the ones responsible for converting the Boombox into the Walkman and the Walkman into the iPod. They were also responsible for merging the qualities of a smartphone and a laptop into a Tablet.

From the above examples, you can see how important it is to hire a good product design firm that will help develop your idea into a full-blown product.

In this article, we will discuss some points and questions you should ask the designers before hiring a product design firm.

What is a Product Design Firm?

Product design comes under the umbrella of various design services including Business Design, Enterprise Design, Products Design and Execution Design. Each of this type corresponds to a specific task and helps in curating the economic flow. All these are important to the process of creation. The flow of the above design processes is marked as follows:

Enterprise Design -> Product Design -> Execution Design -> Business Design -> Enterprise Design….. And so the circle continues.

Product designers are problem solvers, they can be responsible for any or all of the following processes:

1)    Experience Designer

2)    Interaction Designer

3)    Information Architect

4)    Experience Architect

5)    User Interface Designer

6)    User Experience Designer

7)    …and many more

Some questions to ask when hiring a Product Design Firm.

Q1.  Have you worked before on a product like this?

Experience should always be your first question. You don’t want to land up with people who are as new to the market as are you. Knowledge about the market you are targeting, the customers you are targeting and your competitors are also essential. A product designer who has solved all these issues before might always be the best option.

Even if you are developing a new product, knowledge about the market and how to deal with competitors is necessary. For example, if you want to develop a medical device, you would not want to hire a firm that designs gym equipment, right?

Q2. How will our relationship flourish?

In other words, what will it be like working with you?

After experience come the relations. A good relationship will help you in the present as well as in future prospects. Like our real-life relations, corporate relations are necessary to maintain and advance your niche in the market. However, you won’t put a ring on their finger, right?

You need to ask about case studies and customer satisfaction reports from the product design firm. This will help you in understanding the relationship between the product design firm and its clientele.

Q3. Can you differentiate between Strategic and Tactical design?

Not because you want to sound sophisticated. You need to hire a firm that will study your company, its measures and areas, and the market you capture, after which, it’ll make a clear strategy based on these six areas: your company/brand, your place in the market, the desired user experience, technology, manufacturing and regulatory issues.

After the strategy is in place, the product design firm should develop tactics to bring your idea to life.

Make sure you receive positive feedback on this question.

Q4. What is your process?

Yes, everyone knows that to do something unique, you should try something new. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget the tradition and the basics. Always ask the product design firms about their regular process to target a product and how they’ll complete your project. If you are getting clearly defined and spontaneous answers; your product is in the right hands.

A process is always necessary to start, you cannot start anything without knowing how to continue with it. Knowing the process before-hand reflects knowledge, professionalism and seriousness about the work.

To conclude,  it is always fun to work with someone new and that too a product design firm is all the more fun because you’ll get to see new things every day.

Your product is like your new-born baby, don’t let it go to the wrong hands!

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