How Email Continuity Benefits Business Organizations?

Email continuity is a service that helps you access your emails even when the servers are down for any reason. It is a backup service for emails that allows you to send and receive emails even when you can’t access your company email through the usual means.

Email continuity is a useful service for businesses in many ways. Email continuity ensures that your business is never without access to emails. But does your business really need it?

Let us see how email continuity services can prove beneficial for your organization.

Tackling Technology Downtime

Imagine a day without emails. All right, just a few hours then! Painful, isn’t it? But server outages can happen. Hours, a day, or days without emails can become a reality due to technological problems or natural disasters.

Corrupted data, system failures, or problems with software are issues that can cause email outages. Power cuts due to natural disasters are very much a possibility. Floods, storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes can derail entire organizational systems or just the email servers. It can take some time for normal work processes to resume. So, email outages can occur several times a year at the least. What are you and your employees going to do during emergency situations when you need to access the email but you can’t?

If you have invested in email continuity services, your business has to never face the above problems. With email continuity, you can send and receive emails when your servers are down. You can continue with business as usual if for some technological failure you can’t access your company emails.

Even if you have email archiving processes in place, it is not replaceable with continuity services. The two are entirely different things.

Overcoming Productivity Losses

Some organizations use emails sporadically but for extremely important communications. Others rely so heavily on email communications that without it several operations can come to a halt. In both these cases, email continuity services can keep productively levels up and running.

Businesses that depend on emails for deliveries and important transactions on an hourly basis can lose revenue as well as productive hours due to email outages. Companies that have worldwide operations cannot afford to lose email access even for a few minutes. When your business operates in different time zones, it never closes. Some or the other transactions are always happening in different locations. Then there are organizations that employ remote workers across the world. Email communication is integral to their work and seamless fulfillment of processes. Not using email continuity services cannot be an option for such businesses.

If your office location is destroyed in a fire or damaged due to floods, your business operations can continue to run through email communication to some extent if not fully.

Managing Reputations

Without email access, you cannot reply to clients on time. You can also lose important email communications. Repeated delays in responding to clients or vendors can result in loss of reputation. Your organization’s image can suffer a beating. You or your employees can appear as unprofessional people who do not value their clients’ time.

If you are unable to respond to queries or complaints in a timely manner due to email outages then your business competence can be under scrutiny. Failing to respond to emails in time once or twice is quite all right and understandable. But when it becomes a pattern or happens to multiple clients then can be disastrous for any organization.

Email continuity can prevent such problems from ever occurring. Your employees must be able to access their emails even when the servers are down. Email continuity services can help companies keep their reputation intact in terms of professionalism and reliable communication.

Businesses can also suffer loss of reputation when they fail to comply with regulations because important emails were lost during the outages. Any problem with your email client can lead to loss of emails. Many businesses that need to comply with laws concerning electronic communications or data can face problems with authorities due to lost emails. With email continuity services, such problems are easily avoidable.

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