How Does a Business Benefit from Search Engine Marketing?

With world-renowned search engines like Google being non-existent in China, you’d have to wonder how SEM in China works: a foreigner looking to tap into the Chinese marketplace would be completely lost. In this article, we will talk about the various benefits one could reap making use of efficient search engine marketing techniques in China with or without the help of an external agency.

Search Engine Marketing in China: Why Different From The Rest?

Well, search engine marketing anywhere, really, has become one of the go-to techniques to win over consumers in today’s digitally-inclined world. When it comes to China, there’s no surprise that the SEO and SEM techniques used must be very much refined because of the number of people that access the internet. Further take into consideration that China has its own social media platforms and search engines, meaning that search engine optimization would require completely different tactics than the western search engines like Google.

The Chinese demographics of search users that spend their time researching, even for leisure or entertainment purposes is very high. ALmost 80% of them use the search engines to browse for music, books, games, and movies. 70% of them use it for working, studying, or shopping. Believe it or not, these numbers are not going to go down anytime soon. This would lead to an increase in search traffic, which can be linked to search engine marketing in China, effectively at that. With the use of search engines like Baidu, 360 Search, Sogou, and Shenma, you will find numerous benefits from search engine marketing in China!

Benefits of Chinese Search Engine Marketing

Whether you’re using advertising means on Baidu or Sogou, one thing’s for certain: you will reap the benefits:

A Big Consumer Pool

Needless to say, some of the top search engine marketing techniques in China, like Baidu advertising has an extremely wide reach. Most of the search engines in China do (refer to the search figures mentioned above). Therefore, when you’re advertising on those platforms, you know you’re reaching consumers all across the country. Something to keep in mind here is that search engine marketing in China can only occur in Chinese! That’s right, language is a major barrier for international businesses when trying to advertise using Chinese search engines. Therefore, you’ll need to consider localizing. A word around would be using English landing pages boosted by Mandarin keywords, but keep in mind that the click-through rate would be very limited. Either way, one thing is for certain: internet users in China will all be exposed to your product/service using this form of advertising using search engine marketing in China!

No Fear of Stagnancy

When it comes to Chinese platforms, you can be certain that there is no fear of stagnancy, not anytime in the near future in fact! All social media platforms and search engines are growing rapidly and the mobile user base continues to skyrocket over the years. Apart from that, each platform also adds new products and tools, making it more and more user friendly and exciting. This would only translate into more users using these platforms, making good use of search engine marketing in China!

A Sturdy ROI

After using effective search engine marketing techniques (such as Baidu advertising), you can definitely expect a good return on investment. This is because the search engines in China are used exhaustively, and online advertising is a really popular way to reach out to potential customers. That, and of course the fact that this way you will easily increase brand visibility. Make sure that the techniques are used effectively. Pro tip: if you’ve never done anything of this sort before (in China, specifically) it might be best to hire professional digital marketing agencies who will do the work for you! Rest assured, anyone that uses internet services in China will most likely run into your online ads.

Wallet-Friendly Investment

One of the best things about taking your business overseas is that you can advertise and market your brand in a cost-effective manner. This is particularly applicable for foreign companies from the west. You’d find out that the cost of search engine marketing in China is much cheaper, compared to the costs in other countries. The cost of bidding on keywords is also significantly less, making it easier for them to invest more in advertising without actually having to spend a lot of money: a smart investment indeed!

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