Advertising on Weibo: Which Weibo Advertising Option is the Best for You?

Weibo Marketing

Weibo is a social networking site in China and is very much popular among the various population segments. The most striking part is that people irrespective of age actively engage themselves in this social site. Hence, there is a great significance for Weibo, as far as the present social-setup in China is concerned. Creative participation in Weibo is an effective marketing strategy in China. That is why almost all businesses that enter the Chinese market are so much particular about Weibo marketing.

Advertising on Weibo: Which Weibo Advertising Option Is Best for You?

Every digital marketer who has a little bit of awareness regarding the advertisement tactics as regards the Chinese market will admit that, when used rightly, Weibo will earn benefits for them. Hence, they advise their clients to go for Weibo advertising ( However, you must understand that different advertising options are on the cards, and each one has its advantages. You must pick the right options that will connect you with the specific audience that you target to reach. The available options include search engine promotion, display ads, Fan Tunnel, and Fan Stop. You can agree on the most suitable one for your need or can try all of the Weibo marketing methods for attracting newer clients and retaining the existing clientele. It is advisable to contact a practiced digital marketing agency to assess your practical need and to chalk out a clear-cut digital marketing plan which will be effective for you and will earn profits for you.

Search Engine Promotion: The main objective of this Weibo advertising method is to make the site to pop up in the first part of the search engine result page. For making this possible, one will have to tune the site in line with the algorithms of the search engines. Here, keyword or keyphrase selection is vital, and the content creation will have to be perfect. When the created content is rich with the relevant keywords or keyphrases, the related accounts or the Weibo posts will appear on the screen of the device, and the searcher will be prompted to enter the site. Besides, various types of contents such as blogs, articles, guest posts, etc., will be published in leading online directories with links to the websites or selling portals. The readers of these contents will be incited to click the links, which will increase the chances of sales.

Display Ads: Here, the advertiser can display engaging banners on the sites, persuading the readers to click the display ads. When the readers do so, they will straightaway enter the website of the advertiser. This method is the best option to enhance website traffic. Moreover, there is a chance that many of the people who enter the site will become regular customers. The amount one will have to spend to place such display ads will vary. The price will be according to the overall size of the ad material and the page in which you wish to place the same.

Fan Tunnel: Fan Tunnel allows you to reach a bigger audience, as the advertisers are permitted to select the targeted audience in sync with the practical need. The advertiser can choose the region of the targeted audience, the age group, the gender, a particular segment, etc. Hence, this method is more realistic and will give the leeway to the advertiser to reach a broad spectrum of audiences, exactly in line with the practical necessity.

Fan Stop: This Weibo advertising method is also known as Fan Headline and makes use of the helpfulness and cooperation of the present followers and searches for the prospective connection with their existing Weibo friends. Here, the promotional activity targets the prevailing followers and their contacts. This is also a worthwhile option of advertising, provided that your contacts are cooperative.

Hire an Expert SEO Agency

Hiring a specialist digital marketing agency is the prime thing that you will have to do if you wish to be successful in the Chinese market. The experience and reliability factors matter a lot. You must peruse the website contents to assess the professional capacity of the agency and must select the most appropriate company.

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